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It turns out that the TTC unions have turned down their deal and will strike as of midnight. Says the Star:

“Unionized transit workers were notified by electronic voice mail late Friday evening that they were not to report for their shifts effective at midnight.”

That should make Monday morning interesting for me if something isn’t done.


Dodging (Transit) Bullets

No TTC strike this morning. Lucky. Yesterday I put slick tires on my old mountain bike to make it a bit more ridable should I need it as a commuter. (An aside: Actually I should have done this some time ago as I just don’t do a lot of trail riding. There’s really no good reason not to use this bike around town.)

Should we make the TTC an essential service? On the plus side for commuters, it would mean no more strikes. That said, binding arbitration is usually more expensive. Yes this could be a good deal for the TTC’s workers, but it may mean that we have less money to expand service et cetera. Moreover, I do not know that the TTC is an essential service per se. It’s massively inconvenient not to have it, but teacher strikes, garbage worker strikes, and others are also massively inconvenient.

Wal-Mart Hates its Workers

If you didn’t already believe that, they are suing an employee who was injured on the job to recoup some of their medical payments.

Two thoughts:
1. Remember this the next time that you are thrilled by the prospect of a toaster oven for $29 and,
2. If this typical of the kind of behaviour that one can expect in a private health insurance regime, then no thank you, I’ll throw in with Tommy Douglas.

Your Moment of Zen

The Daily Show writers turn their attention to their bosses at Viacom – with hilarious results.