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Kelly McParland Repeats Big Lie About Toronto

This was the most remarkable idiocy in an otherwise blisteringly stupid column about how Toronto doesn’t matter any more in Canadian politics:

“Toronto’s political clout hasn’t disappeared altogether — it continues to suck up large amounts of provincial and federal funding”

Toronto of course contributes more to federal and provincial coffers than is spent here. Elsewhere McParland says that Toronto needs to elect some Conservative MPs to regain its influence in Ottawa. Excuse me, but electing MPs is not about buying influence, it’s about choosing who represents your values and your priorities. Too bad for Harper that people in Toronto aren’t anti-immigrant gun nuts pining for Fantino’s Charter-less police-state. Apparently until we prostrate ourselves at the feet of our oil patch overlords we can expect no decent consideration at the federal level.


Police-State Fantino

Once again Julian Fantino is seen stretching his official role – in this case using warrantless wiretaps. There is of course his usual fan club cheering him on, yet his attitude remains disturbing. I get the impression that Fantino simply cannot conceive why there should be any restrictions on police power. This is probably his worst transgression since his quasi-endorsement of John Tory for mayor of Toronto in 2003. Fantino talks from time to time about entering the political realm – I for one would oppose his election to any office in this province.

Mandatory Tires?

In Quebec they are now forcing people to have snow tires on their vehicles from November to April. Some (Julian Fantino among them) have voiced support for this idea in Ontario.

No thanks.

Now maybe you could make the case for this in parts of the province, but not in Toronto, it just doesn’t make sense. Even when we had that really nasty snow storm last weekend (and let’s face it, that’s a once-every-five-years storm) the roads were fine in 24 hours. To be sure, snow tires are a wise choice in many circumstances, but given the driving conditions in Toronto (never all that bad) I can’t see making a case for a province-wide law making the things mandatory.