When Has Ford Changed His Mind?

There’s an article in the Globe and Mail today in which Doug Ford argues that his brother be given imperial power to rule Etobicoke Toronto. Now this is something that Rob Ford especially deserves in the eyes of big brother Doug. Says Ford the elder:

“One of the great attributes that Rob has. … Rob will sit down and he’ll be in a group of 10 people and they’ll say, ‘Rob, we should do it this way’ and even if he says, ‘Oh, I think it’s this…’ he’s open minded. He’ll change his mind.”

Oh. Can Doug provide us an example of this? I’m just asking because so far all Ford has as a response to criticism is “I was elected to build subways” or some variation on that. I’m waiting for the day he will say something like “oh, yeah, building a subway to nowhere is a complete waste of money and totally stupid.”


2 responses to “When Has Ford Changed His Mind?

  1. Hey Bro,

    Calling Scarborough nowhere is harmful to the cause of city building, and is damaging to civic relations.

    What you should say is that Scarborough doesn’t have enough people to justify building a subway there. There won’t be enough demand to meet the ridership levels where subways aren’t huge sinkholes for operating costs.

    The Transit City Plan was much more appropriate because it was more in-line with ridership projections, wasn’t an ongoing nightmare for operating costs, and had lots of room for growth.

  2. Scarborough is not “nowhere” per se, but the project to build an unnecessary subway in a low-density area reminds of the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravina_Island_Bridge

    Both are shameless bits of pandering from alleged fiscal conservatives.

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