Murdoch, Toronto and Ontario

Bill Murdoch has made this claim that Toronto and the rest of Ontario should separate for the best of rural Ontario. The idea here is that the big bad city is overpowering the voices of the insane landowners’ groups springing up everywhere. The reality is though that even outside of Toronto’s clout, there’s a considerable population of urban Ontario – there’s some two or three million in the 905, another million or so around Ottawa, nearly 700, 000 in Hamilton, and half a million each in Kitchener-Waterloo and London. Right there we have a clear majority of Ontario voters living in cities. What frustrates Murdoch and fellow-nutjob, Randy Hillier is that more people live in cities, like cities and do not share the delusions of the Ontario Landowners. Sorry Bill, city-folk are in the majority, now shut up while we pass some laws on your ass.


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