Obama as Nobel Laureate

The Peace Prize? The man has done little to draw down troops in Iraq, he’s toying with increasing the troop commitment in Afghanistan, and he’s still moving very, very slowly to shut down Gitmo. Now this is not to say that it’s inconceivable that Obama will merit the Peace Prize at the end of four or eight years – the man moves slowly on everything it seems – but so far the evidence is just not there. It’s also not to say that I would support anything that the party of Beck and Palin would offer up in 2012. Obama is still probably the best choice from among the serious contenders in the 2008 election.

This award for Obama is akin to giving a promising freshman their university degree on account of their potential. Worse, I fear that this takes pressure off of Obama to get serious about shutting down the legal vacuum of Gitmo and deciding how best to extricate his country’s soldier’s from two nasty conflicts where there is little evidence that they can effect much change.


3 responses to “Obama as Nobel Laureate

  1. Eternal Euphoria

    No way!!

    It’s a joke on peace!!

    I think the only reason the Norwegians awarded Obama the peace prize was for getting rid of Bush from the presidency!!

    The man doesn’t deserve it!,at least yet!

  2. It’s a terrible insult to many.

  3. The best thing I can say about this is that I hope by the end of his time in office that he will have earned it.

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