Liberals: Get Your Act Together

I’ve been watching this internal Liberal struggle over what will happen with the Liberal nominations in the Quebec riding of Outremont and at this point I’m just baffled at the extent to which the Liberal party wants to fight and refight its various internal power struggles. I don’t mind a party that has a policy debate, but this isn’t about policy, it’s about ego and how much pull does the Quebec guy have relative the leader of the whole party.

Now, I’m not naive, I know that these things happen in politics, but the failure of the Liberals to deal with this quietly and quickly is frankly cringeworthy. One of the reasons I was okay with Iggy as the leader was that I felt that he might be able to impose some party discipline after Martin let his partisans fight an unrestrained civil war in the party against Chretien’s people and Dion just appeared to not be in control. Now it appears that the Liberals, even in the face of the worst election result in their party’s history, are still more concerned with infighting than anything else.

Given that the NDP is still not making the sort of breakthrough in popularity that they always appear to be almost able to make, we may be in for more years of Harper – perhaps with a minority, but able to have a free hand as long as no one gets their act together enough to challenge him.

2 responses to “Liberals: Get Your Act Together

  1. Just a thought: if the Leader did have full control, he’d have to act a bit like Harper, wouldn’t he? Would you complain if it was so? All I am saying is that it seems as tho you cannot please Liberals, no matter what one does.

  2. I don’t think it’s a matter of it just being the leader, the entire top echelon of the party seems fraught with these little power struggles. I mean neither Iggy nor Coderre exactly distinguished themselves in the past week or so.

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