Bloc Albertain

Imagine if the Bloc Quebecois could somehow get Canadians all across the country to vote for them. Actually it would keep separatism at a minimum in the province, but only because the Bloc would be able to engineer a sort of reverse-takeover of the rest of the country. If the BQ formed a government it would allow them to impose a Quebec-centric agenda on the entire country.

Now for the BQ to be a national party, it would have to pay lip service to the rest of the country’s needs and desires. Any time though that Quebec had a conflict with the rest of the country, Quebec’s interests would prevail. BQ politicians, trying to get elected in the entire country would have constant trouble concealing their contempt for the rest of the nation. Inevitably old speeches would come out revealing their utter contempt for the country they wish to rule.

This Bloc-ruled Canada sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, this is what we have, except the Bloc is not one from Quebec, but one from Alberta. As further details continue to emerge from the proposed climate-change plan of the Conservatives, it is apparent that the plan is designed to benefit Alberta’s dirty oil sector at the expense of all other industries in the rest of the country. Only a hyper-regionalist agenda could lead to such an unbalanced plan. Taken with Harper’s remarks over the years about Canada and Canadians, it should once again be obvious that the core of the Conservative party is a bunch of Alberta-first partisans who are helped along by useful idiots who happen to be ideological fellow-travelers or opportunistic political climbers in other provinces.


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