I Smell Some Astroturf

The very final end to the Toronto civic workers’ strike dragged on into the early evening yesterday as Toronto City Council hectored the mayor over the deal that had been struck between the city and its workers. Predictably the right wing rump aka the “Responsible Government Group” opposed the settlement. Of course Miller could put forward a resolution to the effect of “puppies are cute” and this bunch would be opposed.

What was interesting though was the number city councilors both in and out of the Responsible gang that claimed they were opposing the settlement on the basis of some kind grassroots outpouring of constituents. Really? Everyone I know was just so eager for the whole damned affair to end that I haven’t heard anyone say “oh let’s reject this deal and force the unions back out so the garbage can fester a bit longer and the pools can stay closed a bit longer and another session of summer camp can be ruined.”

In other words this groundswell of public opposition to the deal between the city and its unions strikes me as astroturf – fake grassroots. There is a small minority in this city that pathologically hate the fact that Toronto is a centre-left type of place. They are joined by the “fuck Toronto” crowd of right-wingers outside of this city that likewise think the place is some kind of den of socialism. I imagine that this groups have been doing this – as most Torontonians are not looking to see just how much garbage their city parks can hold. I’d like to see how many of these “grassroots” emails came from IP addresses outside the city.


2 responses to “I Smell Some Astroturf

  1. Miller is probably going to lose if he runs in another election. I cringe at the thought of Mayor Ford. Miller should let someone else run.

  2. I will move if Rob Ford is ever elected mayor. The man can’t even coach high school football – literally I know some stories of his attempts at coaching. I suspect that the anti-Miller crowd will coalesce around George Smitherman.

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