Let’s get everyone in on the race to the bottom!

That’s the upshot of a column that Michael Warren wrote for the Toronto Star. Says Warren:

“[W]hen a legislature or Parliament feels it is necessary, in the broader public interest, to legislate an end to a public sector strike or lockout, the legislation should contain clear instructions to the chosen arbitrator. He or she should be required to consider, first and foremost, the principle of equality of compensation in the public and private sectors for comparable jobs, when determining wages and benefits in their final reports.”

Great, so now public sector workers’ salaries will be subjected to the Walmart standard of what a living wage really is. Instead of public sector wages forcing the private sector to at least attempt to pay decently, now everyone can enjoy stagnating and wages (and who knows, pay-cuts?) One wonders if Warren wants to apply this to the senior levels of the public sector where I am certain that deputy ministers or heads of crown corporations get paid less than those with similar duties in the private sector. Screw the working people and make sure there’s lots of perks for the bosses – not just for the private sector anymore!


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