Shorter Pat Buchanan

Whites make good judges, blacks are good at running (H/T).

Okay, so that’s not exactly what Pat said, but really, returning to the notion that it’s okay if jobs like Supreme Court Judge are filled all by whites because, hey, the blacks are getting all the track and field spots is silly. It’s more than just silly though, because at one point the US was hostile to allowing black Americans to compete in sports on the same playing fields as whites. Pat needs to read a little more history I think.


2 responses to “Shorter Pat Buchanan

  1. Pat just needs to shut his pie hole already and enjoy his money at home.

  2. Actually I like him getting told-off by Maddow, I’m sure one day he’ll lose it and tell her she should be a secretary or something. Until he does such thoughts will burn in his brain.

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