Broken Social Scene Live

I’ll interfere with my usual political griping to say that I went to see Broken Social Scene play a free show at Harbourfront last night. I think I stood in nearly the same spot that I did when I saw them play the same stage back in 2004. Anyway the show was phenomenal and it was free because they were originally supposed to play over on the island but the Toronto civic workers’ strike has cancelled ferry service to the islands. The band was able to bring out damn near everyone that has moved through their orbit over the years, this includes Feist (who was not there in 2004), Emily Haines (who did a stripped-down version of Gimme Sympathy), Amy and Evan from Stars, and Jason Collett and many more. For those that missed it, here’s a sample:

Update: north by east west has a great post on the concert as evidence of the mainstream media’s (continued) irrelevance. Also included are some videos of the actual concert. This was one of my favs from the actual show:


2 responses to “Broken Social Scene Live

  1. It was, you left town too soon.

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