A Long, Stinky Summer

I’m not looking forward to the possibility that my local park (Christie Pits) is now apparently going to be one of the temporary dump sites during City Toronto’s strike. I don’t believe the city has said so officially, but on the radio this morning it was reported that fencing had gone up around the outdoor hockey rink. If Miller isn’t able to handle this strike quickly and effectively there’s a real possibility that it could be more damaging to his re-election prospects than the rumoured return of John Tory to the race for Toronto mayor.


3 responses to “A Long, Stinky Summer

  1. Goodness, and I land on Monday in TO.

    If you’re interested in meeting for a tea, away from the trash, send me an email.

    “As a CUPE 79 member I would certainly be interested in finding out how we go about applying to come back to work. Pat Daley says that there are still “29,000 people who haven’t crossed.” I’m willing to bet that a fair number of those WOULD cross if they knew what the steps were, ESPECIALLY the seasonal part-time staff (lifeguards, day camp counsellors) who are being punished and have no idea why they’re out on strike. I can easily say that most of us out on strike are there because we don’t know of the other choices. There are many of us who are staying at home instead of picketing because we don’t believe in the merits of this strike.

    Submitted by SmartShiksa”
    My eyes are going to roll out of my head I think. When you don’t pay attention to politics, bad things happen to you.

  2. Russian Doeboi

    Aren’t sick days for when you are sick?
    what about UI? if one has a secure job or your business is stable we don’t ask for our taxes back.


  3. Sick days will be the end of civilization? You lost me there.

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