Iggy and Steve’s Brilliant Dance

“So this is strange / our sidestepping has come to be a brilliant dance / where nobody leads at all”

-Dashboard Confessional

I don’t know what’s going to happen when Mike and Steve sit down and meet today. Paul Wells is playing up Steve’s persona as the master tactician. The reality is that Harper has a style that has, up until now, served him reasonably well. There is of course the counter-example of last fall’s near collapse of the Conservative minority government that would seem to indicate that Harper can certainly overplay his hand. Right now though this whole thing does have the appearance of a sort of dance where no one wants an election but everyone wants to appear “tough” and ready to fight another election if need be. Neither Harper nor Ignatieff want to be seen as Stephane Dion (rightly or wrongly) was, as someone who was frightened of going to the people. Both leaders have to appear to win in this scenario and that sets off the real possibility that we may just blunder into a summer election.


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