Working for Lisa Raitt

Sorry Jasmine MacDonnell, TTYN.

AECL Documents 20090602Alas, things looked so promising for Minister Raitt and Ms. MacDonnell:

img_7384I really don’t have anything to add other than to point out how ready Raitt is to throw her underlings under the bus after pretending to be everyone’s best friend. Actually in my experience the most sadistic bosses sometimes start out trying to play like they are everyone’s best friend. Everyone else who was at that martini party should be looking over their shoulder and keeping their CVs up to date.


5 responses to “Working for Lisa Raitt

  1. Interestingly, her constituency office manager was also fired a few months ago.

    This is a guy who had tried repeatedly to win the Conservative candidacy for Halton, but nobly stepped aide when the Party parachuted their fair-haired girl in. He actively supported her, ran her campaign and (presumably as a reward) got the constituency office job… and was promptly fired shortly after the office opened, reasons unknown.

    I sure hope they get a decent severance package.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know if wingnut welfare extends to staffers or if you have to be a Blogging Tory in order to get it.

  3. mohamedsteinberg

    26?! I wouldn’t care what you were accused of, I’d defend you.

  4. Jasmine MacDonnell is super cute. Too bad she is with a draconian, anti- womens rights party.

  5. Terance Gerard

    Maybe we should wait until, Ms. MacDonnell’s, family connection to the Ignatieff opposition, becomes public before we cast any stones in either direction. Oh, 26 0r 106, incompetence knows no age barriers. She screwed up, and this is not her first time, kind of shocked she found a new job so quickly….hmmmm could be suspicious….

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