Just Asking

Could we fully fund the TTC’s transit plans if we peeled off some that GM bailout money and gave it to the TTC? We could even stipulate that Bombardier would have to hire unemployed autoworkers to build all that additional rolling stock. I mean if we have $10 billion for cars, even a tenth of that for transit could be transformative.


8 responses to “Just Asking

  1. I’d vote for that.

  2. I was listening to Jeff Rubin talk about the end of cheap oil on the radio this morning, and the more I think about it, the more I think this sort of transformation of industry would be visionary. We are all going to be train and bus riders in a couple decades anyway. Let’s leverage Bombardier’s and Orion’s existing know-how and scale up mass transit.

  3. Show me one party supporting it and I’ll vote for them! Everyone wants to jack up the failing industry.

  4. Yeah, I’m thinking I would too, but every political party’s interests run with supporting the status quo – because existing big players make contributions, not hypothetical future ones. And, less cynically, it’s human nature to stare at the proverbial door that has just closed rather than look for another one that may be opening.

  5. It’s Michael Moore’s and my idea for the future too.

  6. Having checked out Michael Moore’s article I’d say your correct. There is a unique opportunity here for Canada in particular though, for decades we’ve been the junior partner in the American, and increasingly the Japanese, auto sector. Someone else somewhere else designs and engineers cars and we’re the ones to build them. With transit we have solid Canadian companies that either are or could become world leaders. We don’t have to be a branch plant any more.

  7. I will vote for that.
    In fact, I may start a petition for that. . . which I’ve never done before but what the hell.

  8. Too bad that all the political parties have lined up behind the car industry.

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