Neo-Nazi Parents

There’s a controversial case in Manitoba about a child in the care of parents who hold white-supremacist views. What I find fascinating is that even if you grant that the backward, repugnant views of the parents as being protected by freedom of religion/freedom of expression laws (something that gets treated here), a child should still not remain with parents who write slogans on a child’s arm in black marker that might reasonably expose the child to abuse. It doesn’t matter if the slogan is “White Power” or “Support al Qaeda” or anything else likely to cause a scandal, doing something so stupid indicates that these parents really lack the ability to care for their child.


3 responses to “Neo-Nazi Parents

  1. “It doesn’t matter if the slogan is … or anything else”

    So if parents let their child wear a rainbow flag button or join a Gay-Straight Alliance at school they should be taken away from them because such actions could subject them to abuse from other kids – kids from families like the one you are concerned about.

  2. I’ll disagree.

    Unless there is credible and ample evidence of actual physical abuse or child endangerment by the parents, the kids should remain with them.

    I don’t like Nazi parents any more than you do, but I also do not want to give the state this kind of precedent. There was a time when the children of socialists and leftist were taken from them because of their political views.

    Drawing on someone’;s arm does not represent a reason to remove a child from their parents.

    I find people in the Missionary Alliance church fairly repugnant and like to dress their kids in clothes that deny evolution and express hate for Muslims and gays (which is likely to expose them to abuse or scandal). But I would never consider taking their kids away. I can still accept that they love their kids and can be decent parents.

    Nope, as a parent, I just can’t go along with that.


  3. RWW,

    Actually, kids can and do wear such emblems in many schools. Also: part of the distinction I keyed into here is that this is drawn on the child’s arms with magic marker. In general I’m not a big fan of parents using their children as ideological props. I think there should be freedom to teach your kids what you believe – but decking them out for display, especially magic marker on their arms indicates something else about the capabilities of the parents.

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