Iggy’s Meme

_ROD1419.jpgI suppose on some level, things in this parliament are similar to the last one where the leader of the opposition and the prime minister were engaged in a game of electoral brinksmanship. The difference this time, at least when I glance at newspaper headlines and what not is that the meme this time is that Ignatieff is in the driver’s seat, whereas the narrative meme with Dion was one of Dion running from Harper. I’m not sure whether this is owing to Iggy actually doing a better job of playing the parliamentary game, reporters being more sympathetic to Iggy, the new perception in the national media of Harper as the less-than-master strategist or all of the above, or something else completely. What I do know is these sorts of narrative memes are powerful in electoral politics, and should Ignatieff preserve this one – where he is confident and in charge, it may bode well for his electoral prospects.


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