Holy Fuck it’s Chrysler!

I saw a Chrysler ad the other night and I was trying to place the music, since it sounded like something I owned. Turns out the bankrupt automaker is using Holy Fuck to sell cars:

The track is Lovely Allen off of Holy Fuck’s LP:

And Stephen Harper’s Cons were embarrassed by this band representing Canada!


4 responses to “Holy Fuck it’s Chrysler!

  1. lol. Great catch.

  2. I have to give it to Stereogum, ’cause I knew I knew the song, but I didn’t know what it was, it was only reading them that got me sorted on it.

  3. Catchy, I didn’t know that band was any good.

  4. It’s probably too simplistic to say that any band hated by the Conservatives is good 😉

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