BC Voters, Say Yes to STV!

Paulitics has a great post on the matter today. I feel like this is the best shot that Canada has at introducing PR anywhere in the next few years. Once PR is introduced in one jurisdiction, and, contra the Star editorial page, the world does not end, I suspect it will break out across the country.


4 responses to “BC Voters, Say Yes to STV!

  1. To me, it doesn’t matter if you vote BC Liberal, NDP, Green, or other so long as you can give your support for BC-STV in the referendum.

  2. Aside from a sort of pointless sideshow over an NDP candidate having silly photos on the internet, there hasn’t been a great deal to talk about in this campaign. I hope that doesn’t translate into voter apathy or a low turnout.

  3. BC politics is disgustingly corrupted by nefarious interests, just like the rest of Canada. Zionist Autocrats CanWest own the major papers and global TV, so you notice Campbell isn’t hounded over things like drunk driving and selling off the public trust.

    Campbell represents corporate takeover, James represents who knows what, the greens are just fascists, and they all swim in a Zionist media-scape where they can’t mention the controlling factor that makes all of them into Shabaz Goi caricatures.

    The Zionist stranglehold has perverted language itself, as ‘Zionist’ is now a word that must not be mentioned.

    Carole James says it’s unacceptable to mention the word ‘Zionist’:


  4. Anarchore, can you relate this to PR? You’ve lost me there.

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