Mark Steyn’s Fearmongering Unwarranted

…in other news, water remains wet. I was meaning to write about this but didn’t really get around to it. It appears that Mark Steyn’s demographic paranoia about an Islamic Europe is somewhat unwarranted. Now Steyn has responded that this is totally is not the case and that his thesis still holds. I think that this misses the underlying truth in the article by the Wilson Center and that is that demography is extremely hard to predict.


3 responses to “Mark Steyn’s Fearmongering Unwarranted

  1. Actually, Steyn’s numbers were always clearly wrong. We’re unclear as to his sources, and he may like it that way.

  2. Cue the xenophobic Steyn trolls in 3….2….1….

  3. Mark, I’ve heard that his numbers were bad as well, if I could find the link I’d put it in as well. Prole, I’m ready and waiting for them…

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