Guess What I Just Bought!

Well, you and I actually, and every Canadian and US taxpayer – it’s Chrysler! After having had some experience with Chrysler’s product I privately swore to never buy one if I could possibly avoid it. But now instead of owning a Chrysler, I find out that I own Chrysler. I’m very much of two minds about this. On the one hand Chrysler was building cars that obviously many people did not want and I’m not a huge fan of corporate welfare so I’m not thrilled to have my tax dollars pumped into this business. On the other hand though the failure of Chrysler would lead to thousands of job losses and, due to the integrated nature of suppliers in the auto industry, the possible collapse of many related companies. The failure of Chrysler would not happen in isolation and could very well touch off a sort of domino effect at the worst possible time.


2 responses to “Guess What I Just Bought!

  1. Supporting a car company is so regressive. I wouldn’t have voted for this.

    Unfortunately the only party who doesn’t support this is the Libertarian Party, and they’ll have to pry my say in what the government does out of my cold dead hands…

  2. I understand exactly where you’re coming from, Ben. But I still cannot get past thought of turning out thousands of autoworkers in this economy.

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