It was Necessary to Support Torture In Order to Oppose It

Watch Cliff May offer a pathetic defence of the United States’ torture regime on Jon Stewart. One wonders if Cliff May would submit to this treatment. Maybe we could learn the secret of why Cliff May is such an asshole, I mean he keeps agreeing with Stewart that liberal democratic values matter, but that they can be suspended any time that Cliff May has a bad feeling about something. Once again here’s Christopher Hitchens undergoing it:


2 responses to “It was Necessary to Support Torture In Order to Oppose It

  1. Cliff May actually volunteered to be waterboarded on the show several months ago when the Daily Show contacted him the first time and they declined b/c their lawyers said they couldn’t show that.

    Furthermore as the spouse of a member of US Special forces (he has been waterboarded) I have heard that it is actually not bad at all and the video on this blog is grossly exaggerated.

  2. In what aspect was the waterboarding undergone by Hitchens exaggerated? The US has prosecuted other nations for using this technique. I assume your husband experienced this as part of SERE. It might be different if it was someone he didn’t know in an unfamiliar place where he didn’t have a “safe” word.

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