RCMP Spokesperson Admits to Lying

That’s right, and the Pope remains Catholic. Once again, it’s remarkable that one cellphone camera exonerated Robert Dziekanski. It’s only in the face of overwhelming evidence that the RCMP has had to fess up to lying. The force should probably be replaced by a provincial force in BC – the province is large enough to sustain such a thing.


5 responses to “RCMP Spokesperson Admits to Lying

  1. I like how Elliott calls their lies ‘discrepancies’. The RCMP lied about Dziekanski’s murder from day one and only now that the truth has been dragged out of them in the inquiry do they sort of fess up. But even this confession is tempered with inaccuracies. How can anyone ever trust an RCMP statement again? I say get rid of the RCMP.

  2. Dr. Dawg sent me a link to a CBC story from last July. E-mails obtained under FOI showed that Elliott himself was instrumental in bringing the controversy into the safety of Fort Headquarters in Ottawa from the day after the incident. If the force misled Canadians (which it did), Elliott is fully responsible for it.

    “…Dziekanski died after being zapped with a stun gun at the Vancouver International Airport on Oct. 14, 2007, by RCMP officers who were called to help deal with the Polish immigrant, who apparently became agitated from spending 10 hours at the airport. From that day, RCMP e-mail exchanges obtained by access to information requests suggest the force moved quickly to create a strategy.

    The strategy involved all answers being vetted in Ottawa, including ones described by RCMP Commissioner William Elliott as “tough or dirty questions” from the media.

  3. Elliott should probably be fired after this.

  4. I’ll second that but it was never clear to me just what Harper expected by appointing a veteran Tory functionary to serve as Commissioner

  5. It was probably more what was expected of him, i.e.: giving out appointments to party faithful. Of course he had option, he could have said “no” to Elliott. If only there was someone in the Conservative party who could have told him that… 😉

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