BCO2 and You

As a rule, I don’t tend to blog much about BC politics, but BC is sort of asserting itself as the new battleground between a carbon tax and cap-and-trade systems. BC has a carbon tax that was imposed by the current Liberal government and now their chief opponents, the NDP, are promising a cap-and-trade system if they are elected.

What system is better? The short answer is, I don’t know. What I do know is that this whole thing has gotten rather heated in the last couple of days. DeSmogBlog criticized the NDP plan, Adam objected, BCL said that the NDP had “abandoned” the environment, Adam, even less amused. This is curious given that this is the very time when federal Liberals may be thinking about ditching a carbon tax.

What this may do, unfortunately, is create a space for the global warming denialists to exploit a rift over practical policy to ensure that nothing is actually done to reduce carbon emissions. Remember their line of argument runs roughly like this: the earth is not getting hotter, if it is then the sun is doing it, if it’s us we cannot stop it, and besides, it’s a good thing anyway. The whole formula has a consistent implication – don’t do anything about global warming. Getting those of us who do not want to spend the latter part of our lives living like Mad Max to do nothing about global warming is the whole plan. I fear that this sort of rift will be another way to paralyze governments across the country into not doing anything about global warming.


One response to “BCO2 and You

  1. We need both a carbon tax, which the BC Liberals at least got started, and a cap & trade system, which the BC Liberals are said to have in the works, in addition to other programs and policies.

    It’s not a question of either/or as the NDP is portraying it. That dishonesty is just one of the reasons why I’m sooo NOT voting NDP this election. Since the Libs are also out for me (while they’ve done a couple of things right – carbon tax and the aboriginal file, e.g., -, they’ve done others horribly wrong), mine will be a vote for the Green candidate.

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