Why Bring Up Things You Don’t Want To Talk About?

ceiling_catIt appears that James Lunney, he of the “Darwin would change his mind today” mentality, is now refusing to talk to anyone about the topic. I cannot figure out why Lunney would raise an issue which, given the treatment of his colleague, Gary Goodyear, should reasonably be seen to cause a great deal of criticism, if he was not prepared to actually defend his position. I’m sure he’ll claim that he was victimized by the evil librul media elite, but was he? No. Because you can’t lose a fight from which you flee. Maybe some creationists will call him martyr, but really, he’s now running hard from his early statements, something that real martyrs (remember, the word means “witness”) do not do. Those of us who agree that evolution is the soundest explanation for our origins are obviously unimpressed with Lunney, but in another way, I should think that creationists ought to be equally unimpressed, and even disappointed by such a cowardly display.


2 responses to “Why Bring Up Things You Don’t Want To Talk About?

  1. Its a dog whistle to the base and he has since been told to STFU by the PMO.


  2. I reckon, but as I was saying, even the base ought to be disappointed.

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