It’s Hard to Argue with Success

I know that a lot of Liberals, especially on the left side of the party had misgivings about Ignatieff. The man sort of muscled into the top job without any contest, he was a supporter of the Iraq War back in 2003, he had spent a great deal of time abroad, and generally left-leaning Liberals were suspicious.

We see now though that he is actually making inroads everywhere in this country, most importantly in Ontario. Iggy may not be a progressive dream candidate, he doesn’t really thrill me personally in a number of key policy areas. But he looks like he can win. And in party politics, that’s sort of a sine qua non for getting any agenda implemented. So yes, the Liberals could continue to lose with Dion and have all of their policy cred intact, or they could actually win. And I’ll take a centrist Liberal over a Conservative with a probable far-right hidden agenda any day.

8 responses to “It’s Hard to Argue with Success

  1. Yup, I agree. Everytime I have doubts about Iggy, I remind myself of what Harper would do with a majority.

  2. Sorry, but I have memories of 1993 where Libs ran from the left and governed on the right – don’t be fooled again. Winning and getting another right wing unprogressive govt and policies that would make a Conservative righter go yippy, means you just got sucked in again.
    But sure, winning is everything. Spoken by a true liberal.

  3. So if Harper suddenly became leader of the Liberals, you’d be so partisan as to vote for him?

  4. Ian, I think I try to make it repeatedly clear here that I’m not a particularly partisan progressive. As it stands right now, the realistic choice in terms of who will run the country comes down to the Liberals or the Conservatives. Like I said, I’m not 100% satisfied with Iggy, but as it stands, he’s way better than a Con majority.

  5. Obama is the best president Canada has ever had!

  6. Jan,

    Winning isn’t everything, but it’s hard to get things done if you aren’t competitive electorally.

  7. comedylandfill

    i think we’re all forgetting that the liberals are in fact a centralist party. They always have been. Iggy is a good leader because he can unite the party. as he has been doing. If you want a progressive agenda support the NDP. If you want slowly evolving policy support the liberals

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