Our Streetcar Future

Today the Ontario government announced a plan to fund transit expansion in and around the GTA. In particular it looks like transit lines for Eglinton Ave and Finch Ave will get the go-ahead. Among other things this means that both Pearson Airport and York University will be served by light rail within the next seven years. This is what Toronto needs as far as transit goes, much more so than the proposals to bring the Yonge-University-Spadina line all the way up to Yonge and Highway 7. While such an extension would bring in more riders, it would also leave Toronto’s rail transit as a skeletal backbone. Such a system means that transit is useful if you commute along one of a handful of established corridors (i.e.: along one of the subway lines) but means that transit is ineffective for those who are not as well served by the existing skeletons.

3 responses to “Our Streetcar Future

  1. Sounds good for me in Scarborough. I think the light rail going east is going to pass right by my house!

  2. Not quite at first, I think it’s only going to go Kennedy, it’s still a big improvement for Scarborough and Etobicoke, neither of whom have ever had totally wonderful transit service.

  3. this light rail system is a great idea and thankfully we have a gov’t that doesn’t mind going into debt to get it done. IN a couple of years we’ll wonder how we lived without it

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