The Minimum Wage Stutter Step

Dalton McGuinty giveth, and taketh away, and giveth again on minimum wage. Does anyone know what this was about? It seemed like a concession to businesses, and then it was back to listening to anti-poverty groups. Why? This has to be the most clumsily floated trial balloon in Ontario political history. To recap, Dwight Duncan affirmed the raise in the minimum wage to $10.25/hr in the budget, the next day Dalton says maybe not, and now it’s apparently back on. It does nothing to improve anyone’s confidence when it appears as though the premier is just making it up as he goes along.


2 responses to “The Minimum Wage Stutter Step

  1. Seems like a lack of communication in the liberal house again.

  2. Perhaps, it bothers me how everyone was promised help in the budget and yet the only group that they’d even toy with abandoning are the working poor.

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