Galloway Denied Entry to Canada

kenney-jason-trailer-parkThis is a very sad day for this country. George Galloway has never been denied entry to any other country, and yet Canada’s border agency under King Steve and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has decided that Mr. Galloway’s views are too harsh for our sensitive ears. This is disgraceful, once more we can see that Harper is set on making this country into a far-right gong show.


8 responses to “Galloway Denied Entry to Canada

  1. Please stop…I do not want the image of Kenney with his shirt off in my head again….



  2. Mike,

    So you’re saying I shouldn’t go ahead and do the photoshop piece I wanted for this post?

  3. You Galloway supporters should put your money where your mouth is.

    Donate some money to Hamas and document it all. Walk into an RCMP detachment and tell them what you did, hand them the documentation and then dare them to arrest you.

    Complain how its your right to free speech or how it was only meant for humanitarian aid. Should go over well with a judge.

  4. To all the terrorist sympathizers who were counting on the judge overruling the CBSA – in the voice of Nelson Muntz from “The Simpsons”.


    Finally a judge who recognizes that they do not have the right to create law themselves and overrule the policies of the elected government, or the expert administrative decisions of the designated agency (in this case, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)).

    This decision reflects the opinion of mainstream middle-class Canada who did not want this terrorist fundraiser to be allowed into the country.

  5. This decision reflects the opinion of mainstream middle-class Canada who did not want this terrorist fundraiser to be allowed into the country.

    Really? Did you ask them, or is this another unsupported Conservative assertion that they represent the “real” Canada?

    Tom, you should arrest Jason Kenney first since he is already here and he’s offered his support to MEK, a terrorist organization.

  6. Hmm Galloway gave money to the government of the Palestinians, who happen to be Hamas. The ELECTED government I might ad.

    So is what you are saying is that if I give money to help the people of New Orleans recover from Katrina, I’m actually donating to the Republican Party?


    You guys will say anything to stiffle speech you don’t agree with.

    Curious, if Kenney or anyone else has actual evidence that Galloway actually supported Hamas terrorism, perhaps it is you who should put it before a judge and then arrest him when he lands in Toronto.

    Nope, you’d rather listen to the JDL. A group the US considers a terrorist organization. How ironic.



  7. Well said, Mike.

  8. richard riverside

    Sorry but some people find bears like Patrick Roach (Trailer Park Boys) to be “hot” – men and women, ie. like the extra poundage – although not great for health. If Kenney looked like Roach, it might be one thing people like about him. But if you really want to look at weight, consider James Moore (Port Moody-Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam) and how much weight he has put on – you just have to get images from google to see it. What’s he look like without a shirt on?

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