Mark Steyn’s Polytechnique Obsessions

Once again his two obsessions with Montreal massacre of 14 women in 1989 have come to the fore:

1) Mark Lepine’s Algerian ancestry is somehow very very important. Steyn would love you to think that Lepine – who seems to have had little to do with his father after his parents divorced and who was not raised as a Muslim – was somehow motivated by Islam. All this in spite of the fact that Lepine says nothing about the topic in his manifesto/suicide note. I eagerly await the columns where Steyn blames BTK‘s Christianity (and Dennis Rader was actually involved in the religion as opposed to Lepine) or David Berkowitz‘s Judaism for their respective murder sprees.

2) The real point of this article though is Steyn’s intense desire to tar the men in the building. He blames them for leaving. Most people would have left in 1989 since this action appeared to be following the script of a typical hostage-taking. The cops would come and there would be a negotiation, if needed a sharpshooter would take out the bad guy. All in all, putting up a fuss at that point probably appeared to be needlessly dangerous. Steyn goes on though, insisting that once shots were fired, someone should have ran in. I know what would have happened here: Assuming that Lepine wasn’t so stupid as to have his back to the door of the classroom, he would have swiveled and shot any of the would-be heroes with his semi-automatic weapon. The only difference is that there would have been 15 dead instead of 14. That’s an accomplishment.

Steyn should try playing Counter-Strike but restrict himself to use only the knife before he dispenses practical advice about what to do in violent situations facing armed adversaries.


6 responses to “Mark Steyn’s Polytechnique Obsessions

  1. Steyn’s neurotic race terror is just kind of sad.

  2. Well…he may be an arrogant bastard but he does have a point sometimes.

    I don’t agree with him politically, but I think he’s bang on about demographics than anyone else. At least he’s raised his voice about it. (But trying to connect Islam with Lepine is pretty inane.)

  3. Steyn is a bitter coward. He would have been the first out the door and would have pissed himself while he did it if he were in Montreal in 1989.

    As stageleft put it a while back…If Marc Lepine was “Muslim” then Hitler was Catholic.

  4. Mike,

    The funny thing about this particular article is that Steyn even admits that this may well be true, but he’d prefer to entrench lots of survivor-guilt anyway to make a point. Or something.

  5. “playing counterstrike” is your metric
    for evaluating the situation and anyone’s opinions about it?


  6. Interpreting the CS comment as a serious attempt at evaluating something like that?


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