Byelection Fail

John Tory has lost his bid to gain a seat in the Ontario legislature and now seems set to step down as leader of the Ontario PC party. While this might be a temporary victory for the Liberals and/or the NDP, I also tend to think that Scott is correct in predicting that the new leader of the PCs will be Harris-style hard-right ideologue. The narrative in the PC party has to be something like, “we won with Harris, and with more moderate leaders we have done continually worse.” Given that the economy may still be in bad shape by the time the next election is called in 2011, whoever wins the Tory leadership has a very good shot at being the next premier. The likelihood that the person would either be Randy Hillier or someone who is somehow beholden to Hillier’s wing of the party is particularly frightening.


4 responses to “Byelection Fail

  1. I wouldn’t vote for him, but Tory wasn’t bad.

  2. The alternate scenario, of course, is that the PCs pick a hardliner and lose the moderate vote to the Liberals. They only got in for the Harris/Eves years because of disgust with both the NDP and the Liberals. I don’t see that disgust with the McGuinty Libs, nor any persistence of same for the NDP. Which means that picking a hardliner would confine the PCs to the wilderness of opposition.

    Again, it’s possible a hardliner might win government, but he/she would need to somehow court more moderate voters.

  3. You’re probably correct, Adam. What I’m afraid of is the economy getting realllllly bad. That’s typically fertile ground for right-wing demagogues.

    Ben, I feel pretty much the same way about Tory. Assuming that you’re going to have a right-of-centre party, he was my kind of leader for said party.

  4. Haha!

    I wrote the same thing about FAIL, too, on my site ( Great minds think alike 😉

    And isn’t Randy Hillier a convicted criminal, if I’m not mistaken? That’s probably easier bait than John Tory.

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