Lessons from the Braidwood Inquiry

This morning I learned that RCMP officer Millington believes that no one should be traumatized by foreign police officers surrounding them with hands on their holsters. And if you are scared by that, the police are within their rights to zap you one to five times.


2 responses to “Lessons from the Braidwood Inquiry

  1. He would be our new village idiot except that the whole gang of them seem to think we are the idiots.
    If Queasy Killington keeps his uniform I will have lost all lingering respect for this force.
    I have had a vastly different talk with my 14 year old son than my parents for me.
    It is a thorny path to really venture into.
    He will have to tread his own path in life.
    I just pray that he never meets up with ilk such as Sergeant Pepper, Our new man Queasy and, the lone gun man who pulled the trigger on Ian Bush.
    See ya in the funny pages!

  2. sh*t, that guy (Quasi), pseudo policeman is an ordynary murderer! he should stay in prison for rest of his life! yo

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