The stapler fighting stance

The members of the public attending the Braidwood Inquiry laughed as RCMP officer Kwesi Millington picked up the deadly stapler and showed the court the menace that such a weapon presented. I’m impressed with how straight-faced all of the YVR Four have been in insisting that this stapler was such a weapon of terror.

Also today I see that the BBC has picked up this story. I don’t expect that those Mountie figurines are selling very well at airport duty-free shops these days.


4 responses to “The stapler fighting stance

  1. I actually felt a moment of depression when I realized the inquiry was recessing for two weeks. I’ve a lot of time on my hands and I have a visceral sense of outrage and an unutterable well of sadness at what this gang of eager thugs who welcomed Robert to a new…?
    I have pored over the transcripts and I am dismayed to realize we are not going to get the RCMP transcripts for some time.
    I hope I am wrong.
    People! Tasers are instruments of pain and torture and, it turns out, murder.
    Call me when you invent something that dissolves people into an orgasmic, pants wetting little death.
    Sorry for the rant in your space man.

  2. If the common every day man had done this, there wouldnt be an enquiry..there would be a trial for MURDER..

  3. I did not follow inquiry and I do not know all the facts but I was listening in the radio today and policeman said “I am sorry he was holding a stapler and assumed a combat position” or something like that.

    If most police in Canada is like that one that I am sorry I do not know how they are going to protect innocent citizens.

    Sure it is easy to gang up on confused man that do not understand word what you are saying and later claim that “oh he wanted attack me with a stapler”

    I think all the gangsters in Vancouver are laughing so hard because they know they can do whatever they want. They can shoot anybody they want because police is just afraid of a stapler !

    Strong men know when to admit to mistakes. Whims will always blame others.

    I came to Canada in 1985 because I admired this country. And definitely I thought that police is for protecting their citizens. I thought that only Polish police was dumb. Sure they were dumb and they were following orders but they were brave and definitely would never attack man with stapler ! Probably they would just laugh at him. Now I am just laughing at Canadian police.

    I hope you can read my letter and just think from a different perspective. We need to start thinking outside box. I still believe in Canada but all those institutions with workers of mentality of horses with blinders has to stop. Yes, we might add extra training and procedures so those incidents will not happen again but until people start using their brains and think there will be no progress.

    Harper can make as many legislation as he wish to stop gang violence but if his police is afraid of unarmed confused man with a stapler then how police can capture and bring to justice violent gangster ?

  4. Thank God for the video tape. Otherwise, the poor man from Poland would now be forgotten and his mother left to mourn his death… Too bad that video cameras cannot be installed somewhere on officers shirts or hats, I think we’d see them in more “hot” water as they are in – GUARANTEED!!

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