Respect the Stapler

milton-staplerAccording to one of the YVR four, the RCMP teaches its thugs officers that anything can be a weapon. Great. So I can expect a tase if a cop sees me holding anything at all, even a stapler. Please, I’ve broken up stapler “fights” between high school students, so I guess that makes me like, a super cop. I can only imagine how much more four super cops like me would have been able to handle one confused man holding a stapler. He probably wouldn’t have even tried to make a move on me and my clones. I can only hope for the day when one man with office supplies is not threatening to our police forces.


13 responses to “Respect the Stapler

  1. Great picture, love it. Since when did we not expect cops to be strong and fit enough and sufficiently well trained to be able to physically subdue an unarmed individual when necessary? Since when did we not expect four cops to be able to do that without resort to Tasers?

  2. And here I got through Vancouver security with a metal butter knife in my carry-on. I had forgot it in my bag, but the security people seemed to not care about a knife going on the plane…

  3. Something that can be used to “bolster a punch” is also considered a weapon? Wow, better not get caught holding your keys or some loose change.

  4. One imagines that if Mr. Dziekanski was holding a pillow or a largish teddy bear the officers would be saying that they were afraid he’d suffocate them. How will they deal with the roving gangs of stapler- and pillow-armed youths?

  5. That knife is nothing Ian. In this post 9/11 world, I know someone who accidentally took a pocket knife through security in Parliament, and they didn’t notice/care.

  6. Butter knife, eh? Well if they needed four guys for a stapler then I can only imagine what kind of forces they would need for a butter knife. Emergency Task Force? Bomb Squad?

  7. CLEARLY RCMP liars grasping at straws to justify their murder of a scared immigrant..

    THE same RCMP likley needs MORE alcohol to fortify themselves as well..

  8. RCMP “Distasteful drinks, repulsive photos and unfair financial treatment all evoked the same primitive response in their experiments — the unmistakable grimace of disgust.

    “People feel it very strongly and viscerally,” says Hanah Chapman, lead author of the study published today in the journal Science. It suggests revulsion to unfair financial dealings — be it overpayment of executives or brokers peddling toxic mortgages — taps into powerful and primitive emotions more commonly associated with cockroaches, filth and disease.

    The idea that immoral behaviour “leaves a bad taste in your mouth” is more than just a metaphor, say psychologists at the University of Toronto, who have shown that immorality triggers the same primitive reactions that helped early humans avoid poison and infection”

  9. What concerns me, as a father to a seventeen year old daughter and a 14 year old son in here in Vancouver , was that I did not pass on to them my own deep distrust of our police to actually protect them except in the MOST OBVIOUS of circumstances.
    I hope we can regain trust, but I don’t believe the police can be trusted to value our lives and protect us.

  10. raybann,

    I want to trust the police, but with this I feel like I can’t. On the other hand, what could Dziekanski have possibly done to avoid this? He was compliant.

  11. Hi Dan,
    I have been deeply saddened and outraged since this incident occurred. I spend a couple of hours a day going over the transcripts and I see no exoneration here.
    I believe this young officer wanted to make his ‘bones’. He ended up peeing his pants like a puppy and he should be drummed out of the force.
    The rest should come down a few paygrades. The one who is also accused of killing a motorcyclist while intoxicated? Robinson, I believe?
    Well, what can one say?

  12. It’s a travesty that none of them are facing criminal charges. A man died for being lost and confused in an airport that frankly has a confusing layout.

  13. I think there is plenty of blame to go around. Certainly the RCMP actions were criminal in my view – such over-reaction without assessing the situation just doesn’t make sense.

    But what of the feds (Public Safety) and the Vancouver Airport Authority? They have made air transit into a nightmare, where courteousness has been replaced by suspicion and services replaced by indifference. There is no valid reason for why this guy was penned up in that airport for so long. There is something seriously lacking if an international airport cannot find interpretors to assist patrons.

    Sadly, I doubt things will change much despite this tragedy.

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