Worst. Canadian. Police. EVAR.

On the heels of Robert Dziekanski’s death and Ian Bush’s death, it appears that the British Columbia RCMP was determined to ignore the obvious need to look for a Montreal couple who were missing in the mountains. This is an organization that needs a serious shake-up. The most senior RCMP officials in BC ought to be fired and someone should be brought in to change the force’s culture of complacency toward their duty interrupted by fits of brutality.


4 responses to “Worst. Canadian. Police. EVAR.

  1. Congratulations!!

    Slowly some of you are waking to a depressing and unexpected understanding, that YOU are responsible for the death of Robert Dzienkanski.

    How could that be? Actually, it’s pretty simple. If you analyze your relationship to the public services you have requested and receive, then everything is just as it should be.

    Read on.

    YOU have willing given over much of the decision making processes to areas of government services that you pay for and hold dearly.

    Now, every year you allow your elected officials to reduce the level of government services you care about, from health care and education, to simple garbage collection–all in the name of tax cuts. (Don’t tell me that you haven’t figured out who really benefits from those tax cuts)

    Until the nineteen sixties you allowed the courts and their qualified staff to decide the question of right and wrong, life and death, and it seemed to work. Now, everytime a police officer whether municiple or federal, approaches any member of YOUR community, YOU have given them the right to judge that individual’s conduct, attitude, and emotions, and to mete out if that is their choice, the permanent sentence of death.

    I have no doubt in my mind that most of you are thinking “Not me, I didn’t agree to that!” Alas, you did, and you do. For the really thoughtless of you, here it is. . .

    YOU are the employer and YOU sign off on policy. When a cop say’s that he followed the rule book, YOU agreed to the tenents of that rule book. That simple rule book grew from the vote you cast in the last election. YOU live by the rules, so much so, that when you hear that the cop say’s that he followed the rules, “well that’s good”. But there’s only one problem, you never had a say in those rules. You weren’t allowed to.

    YOU elected the officials, who, on a daily basis, remind YOU, that “all is being done” to rectify the situation, any situation, the situation du jour. But the situation really isn’t being addressed. They tell you that “we’re leaving no stone unturned”, but what means is, it will be so long in coming, that the original argument has been forgotten. I remember a young man in custody, shot in the back of the head . . .

    When was the last time YOU were asked by YOUR elected representative, provincial, or federal, about YOUR opinion or FEELINGS about the questionable benefits of taser use?

    Have you been asked at any time in this democracy, how you wish to be treated by any police office carrying a taser?

    Do you think another death like that of Robert Diezdanski could happen?

    Guess what? All you have to do is pick up the phone, write a quick note, send an e-mail to your elected representative stating: “Ah Bob, (place suitable name here) no more taser use!

    That wasn’t difficult was it?

    So here’s a note to all of you lazy fucks: I’m betting that there will be a killing-by-taser of someone even more innocent than Robert Dzienkanski, perhaps even a child, perhaps someone you know or care about, and because you have read this little note, YOU ARE NOW AND ALWAYS WILL BE GUILTY OF THAT DEATH — You stupid fuck!

    Try wriggling you way out of that one!

  2. Get back on your medication, Myers. You are out of control.

  3. I agree with Meyers’ argument.
    I have expressed my disgust with police misconduct to my elected representatives. The response is either a form letter or silence.

    It seems that ever since John Sewell’s failure to win re-election as mayor of Toronto in the early ’90s that no Canadian politician dare anger the police. Mr. Elliott, the present commissioner of the RCMP, has no desire to control them. The CBC discovered that within a day of Mr. Dziekanski’s death, Mr. Elliott had sent emails of “support” to the four involved in the death. It’s pretty clear who the commissioner is serving.

  4. for decades now the RCMP do not give a hoot about the rest of us Canadians good welfare in reality http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/the-mickey-mouse-rcmp-in-canada/

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