Self-Serving RCMP

police-brutalityThe utter bullshit that is shoveled by the RCMP officers who murdered tased and beat down Robert Dziekanski so that his life ended is truly amazing. Now they say that a stapler is a weapon. Oh come on. These guys are cops and they were afraid of one man with a stapler. They have obviously sat down with their lawyers and practiced repeatedly telling the court that one man with a stapler was a deadly threat to four armed police officers.

Frankly, I am relieved that the RCMP does not provide policing in most of Ontario. I have no confidence in the Mounties to look out for the safety of anyone I care about.


12 responses to “Self-Serving RCMP

  1. I followed your link from my post. At the time of this death it was revealed the RCMP squad didn’t mace Dziekanski because they were concerned that it would affect a planeload of passengers due to transit through that arrival lounge.

    This whole business about being in mortal fear offends the “doctrine of late invention.”

    If you want a look at the RCMP in BC you should check out the saga of Ian Bush, a teenager who was shot, in the back of his head, by an RCMP officer in “self defence” while in custody in a cell.

    In that case the forensic blood evidence was inconsistent with the officer’s account. RCMP investigators (yes the RCMP investigating the RCMP) waited 7-months to interrogate their colleague shooter and, even then, they agreed to his demand that they submit their questions, in writing, to his lawyer first.

    The cop in that case claimed Bush jumped him in the cell. He said Bush slammed him to the floor, got astride the face-down cop, and began to strangle him. This little fantasy continued by the cop telling the inquiry that, fearing for his life, he grabbed his gun (while face down on the floor), raised his arm and managed to shoot the young man in the back of the head.

    No one has yet been able to physically replicate that scenario. It’s enough to make you puke.

  2. I forgot about Ian Bush, that was horrific. I would like to do a post every day on the Braidwood Inquiry, but I think it’d be too depressing to continually write about the police/airport covering up their actions.

  3. Even in my little town detachment, it turns out we had a cop transferred to us who was under investigation for, and subsequently convicted, as a pedophile. Stunts like this have left a lot of people in this town – good, middle of the road types – loathing the RCMP.

  4. The latest excuse is that even though he had his hands up in the air (an aggressive stance according to one RCMP officer), another officer testified that he was sure that he was planning an escape. Their excuses just keep getting increasingly ludicrous. If he were capable of escaping, wouldn’t he have done that 12 hours prior to the incident. That’s all he ever wanted – to get out and meet his mother. This tragedy still makes my blood boil with rage and dismay.

  5. And the families grieve. Shaking their heads and feeling that life isn’t supposed to be this way.

  6. BY,

    I think according to the testimony of the thugs, err, cops the only non-threatening position would have been lying prone on the floor, face down.

  7. The RCMP thugs had their mind mde up as to what they were going to do even before they had arrived at the Vancoouver airport and next carried it out..

    I am more and more convinced that many thugs wrongfully joined the police forces so they could abuse, bully others, the RCMP included..

  8. Obviously a stapler can be a weapon. But there was time to leave the area, seal him in, and bring in people with riot gear to subdue him.

  9. DysfunctionalParrot

    This is one of those instances where a distracting, “Holy Crap it’s Christian Bale!” and a football tackle could have really paid off.

  10. Or just getting an interpreter and talking.

  11. DysfunctionalParrot

    I guess patience is a virtue that take too long.

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