Afghan Mission till 20xx?

Last night on CBC there was more talk about extending Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. Wait a sec, didn’t Harper panel of magical wizards foretell that by 2011 Afghanistan would turn into a democratic and stable society?  It’s supposed to be totally different this time since supposedly this will be a development-focused mission, but really, how are you going to do that without security. We are stuck in a war that we cannot win in a place where a sizable chunk of the population resents us.


One response to “Afghan Mission till 20xx?

  1. It’s a safe bet we’ll be in Afghanistan for years. The pols will cover their backsides by pulling the Canadian force from Kandahar and using it as a garrison force to defend Kabul and possibly Kandahar City as well. The national and provincial capitals (in the south anyway) are under direct threat now and absolutely must be defended.

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