Who’s (not) a leader now?

Ignatieff is now seen as a better leader than Harper vis-a-vis our US relationship. I know that there’s some serious things that I question about Iggy, and I know that many Canadian progressives just flat out don’t like the guy at all, but from a tactical standpoint he may be the one to oust Harper – and that can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.


2 responses to “Who’s (not) a leader now?

  1. So what is he going to do different than Harper? He hasn’t said. And do you trust a right-wing Liberal leader?
    Remember Martin and how he ran on a progressive mandate and ruled like a conservative. In fact the liberal govt did things Mulroney only dreamed of.
    Don’t be fooled again, and again, and again. Just a minority with lots of NDPers as the official opposition will keep them honest. It’s the only way. And if they run on the right you know they are going even more right.

  2. Well, Harper as he is now is constrained by a minority. I do not believe though that our health care system would survive a Harper majority. The man is sitting on a volcano of reactionary MPs (Ken Epp anyone?) and it will blow the day he wins 155+ seats in the house.

    Like I said, I’m not some huge Ignatieff fan, but he’s still better than the alternative. I’m looking for avoiding the worst-case scenario (it’s the pessimist in me).

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