Hidden Agenda? Ya think?

Oops, it looks like the Cons have been trying squeeze some extra features onto the budget implementation bill. Here’s what gets me: Harper’s supporters go on about how the Cons represent what average, Tim Hortons Canadians (whoever they are) want. Then why do the Cons bury this stuff? Tell us how you’re weakening environmental laws and messing around with competition laws! I’m sure it’ll thrill people.


4 responses to “Hidden Agenda? Ya think?

  1. The Cons bury this stuff (and the Libs might choose to ignore it) because the net benefit is for their corporate sponsors.

    The average Canadian, whether Tim Hortons or Starbuck fans or neither, do care about increased foreign investment and globalization of industries (for good reason) and rank the environment as one of their main concerns. It’s hard to spin these measures/changes as doing anything to improve their lives.

  2. Women deserve the same pay as men.. Obama said so too.. I have to to admit that I am very disappointed, for the only new thing that Canada’s prime Minister Stephen Harper could do to supposedly help the recessions is to basically copy the same old past Liberal programs and they were not all that great for a start too. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/

  3. There’s no hidden agenda. This is so obviously the result of a liberal-dominated media.

    But in all seriousness, where’s Ignatieff on this? Come on, Liberal Party, grow a pair.


  4. OB,

    Uh, they are hiding parts of their agenda in a huge budget bill. The “liberal media” didn’t do that.

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