Restarting the Right’s Civil War

Andrew Coyne is not a happy camper. In the meantime, Scott thinks (hopes?) that Iggy’s passing of the budget is a plan to really exploit those rifts in the conservative movement. If this play works, it could pay dividends for the Grits – even if there was no formal split in the Conservative party. All that it would take for the Liberals to be whole lot more competitive would be for the old Reformers to do nothing. If they stop campaigning, stop voting, stop donating to the Cons – a distinct possibility since Harper’s party clearly resembles the Mulroney-era PCs that Reformers despised – the Liberals could well be on their way back into power.

Heh, Mulroney, he haunts them still.


2 responses to “Restarting the Right’s Civil War

  1. Taking advantage of tough economic times in order to try to destroy his opponents politically.

    Excellent. How very Harper of him.

    I’m sure that will make all of those unemployed who don’t qualify for EI all warm and cozy…

  2. If destroying Harper is the route to keeping the Cons in the political wilderness for another decade plus then it’s not the worst thing ever. But you’re right, tactical games are cold comfort for too many people – even if they work down the road.

    Of course all this is predicated on the assumption that the GG would have allowed the coalition to govern. She seemed very compliant to Harper the last time he went to see her.

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