Shorter Preston Manning

The free-market can help fix the recession through corporate welfare! (Corporate welfare now being a “free market” sort of thing.)


2 responses to “Shorter Preston Manning

  1. And this is why we call them “vulgar libertarians” when they try to use the language of free markets and libertarianism to line the pockets of their cronies.

    They are corporatists. There is another word for corporatist that is quite fitting when it comes to Manning and his ilk…

  2. Mike, I don’t see the distinction between libertarians and corporatists. The libertarian and corporatist agendas are very similar. That’s why you always see corporatism when someone tries to implement libertarian reforms. Privatization is corporatism; corporations buy public resources at whatever price and sell them for a profit.

    That’s not the real problem with libertarianism though. The real issue is that it is anti-democracy, both in its aims, and in its implementation. No sane population would ever implement the self-destructive policies that libertarians espouse.

    A reasonable portion of the libertarians’ despised inefficiencies are acceptable losses when it allows a public resource to remain under public democratic control.

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