Free Advice for Cycling Advocates

I like that there seems to be a critical mass of cycling advocates in Toronto. My wife commutes on a bike most of the year and I would too were it not for the distance I have to cover to get to work.

Anyway, because I like what cycling advocates are doing here’s a piece of advice: I heard a radio interview where the usual reasons for using bikes for transportation were given, namely fitness and the environment. True. But very 2006. Tell people THIS IS THE CHEAPEST WAY TO GET AROUND. Everyone’s going broke, everything is about the bottom line. Here’s what you say: Buy a used beater for >$200 on Craigslist and provided it lasts more than two months, it’s cheaper than a metropass!

You’re welcome 🙂


3 responses to “Free Advice for Cycling Advocates

  1. Not to mention a lot more fun than sitting in traffic.

    And don’t forget the excuse to wear lycra in public.

  2. I get depressed if I spend too many consecutive days off the bike. The exercise, sun and air make me feel great.

    Reading on the subway is fun too though.

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