Ezra Levant Angry Spittle Round-up

Here are some of the things that Ezra considers “anti-Semitic” when written by Liberals:

  • That Israel has targeted civilian populations,
  • That Israel killed a Canadian peace keeper deliberately in 2006,
  • That Michael Ignatieff has been a little sympathetic to Israel,
  • That Israel may not be motivated purely by self-defense,
  • Comparisons to other historical injustices,
  • That another military ought to intervene in this situation,
  • Disagreeing with Ezra’s version of when Israel allows supplies in or people out of Gaza.

Look, any of this would be fair game in discussing the actions of any other country at war. What are the real motives of the leaders? Have war crimes been committed? How has this country behaved in previous wars? What are the stances of our politicians? What version of the events on the ground are most accurate?

Is anything less than slavish devotion to the most militaristic strain of Israeli foreign and defense policy now considered to be “anti-Semitic” to the Ezras of the world? Additionally, what are the consequences if we lower the bar for the phrase “anti-Semitism” like this? If I don’t buy bagels am I an anti-Semite? Sheesh.


2 responses to “Ezra Levant Angry Spittle Round-up

  1. Well I guess I pretty much ring all of Ezra’s bells. That boy is, in my mind at least, a complete social deviant.

  2. The funny thing is that if you wrote the same things about any Arab/Muslim state he’d call you a hero of free speech or something.

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