Gaza: Sauce for the Gander

There’s a line of argumentation in defence of Israel that asks one to consider what one would do if rockets were falling randomly on one’s nation. It is of course reasonable for many people to say that they’d want their government and military to deal with such a situation by whatever means necessary.

Now, like the title says, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander: What then would you say if your city was surrounded and enclosed like an open air prison? You have no conventional means of combating the army that has surrounded you, you need to hope that the United Nations and your captors have the good graces to periodically allow food and fuel into your prison. What would you do? Would the idea of lashing out, however futile or arbitrary, surely holds some appeal – not to advance any political cause but simply to announce your presence. If Toronto was surrounded by some foreign army and choked off I think I’d have a lot of sympathy for anyone wanting to lash out at this entity.

Both sides are acting out in ways that tragically make sense to their situations.


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