Meanwhile in Gaza…

Israel is bombing the hell out of the Gaza Strip again. No word yet on whether Harper will praise this as a “measured” response to the occasionally deadly homemade rockets launched from Hamas-controlled Gaza. In the meantime others suggest that whatever Israel does is totally okay because it’s not lobbing random rockets. Instead Israel is responding with the surgical precision that you can only getting by bombing residential areas from the air. The reality here is that both sides are using despicable means to attack the other and neither can say what damage will be done to innocents.


2 responses to “Meanwhile in Gaza…

  1. Raphael Alexander

    Yes, both sides have killed civilians. But the aggressor here is clear and evident: Hamas the terrorist organization.

  2. Why is it important to identify an “aggressor” in a conflict that involves several decades of ongoing strife? Moreover, it’s noteworthy that people typically only care about who was the “aggressor” in the cases where said “aggressor” is one’s enemy. Israel was the “aggressor” in numerous cases, everything from attacking the USS Liberty to Osirak. Now defenders of Israel will say that Israel has reasons for doing this or that, and I don’t disagree that Israel lives in an unfriendly neighbourhood and there were cases where Israeli aggression is understandably warranted.

    Being an aggressor doesn’t mean much in assigning blame. Neither does the word “terrorist.” If Mossad was the security agency of any Arab/Muslim state (aside from maybe Turkey) it would easily be classified as a terrorist group based on its actions.

    I take it you place most or all the blame for this on Hamas (feel free to correct me on that) and certainly Hamas deserves a great deal of blame, but that does not give Israel a free pass. To make a long story short, I don’t see blame in this conflict as an either/or thing but rather as a both/and thing. Assigning titles be they “terrorist” or “imperialist” (depending on the side you take) does nothing to realistically assess what’s going on here.

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