Stealing from the Robert Mugabe playbook

That’s not the comparison that I made, that’s the comparison Allan Gregg made on the CBC tonight. Proroguing parliament as a Mugabe tactic? Ha. I’d buy it. Of course having Stephen Harper and Robert Mugabe come up together in Google searches would be a pity.

4 responses to “Stealing from the Robert Mugabe playbook

  1. From a Rabble Babble poster, Sean in Ottawa:

    Steven Harper wants to shut down
    parliament just because he does not agree with it.

    Some say this is unprecedented.

    In fact, Harper is following
    parliamentary tradition.

    Consider the following precedents:

    1629 King Charles I in England
    1799 Napoleon in France
    1913: Victoriano Huerta in Mexico
    1933: Adolf Hitler in Germany
    1936 Fransisco Franco in Spain
    1939: Benito Mussolini in Italy
    1973: Augusto Pinochet in Chile
    1975 Indira Gandhi in India
    2008: Steven Harper in Canada

    Great company Mr. Blue Sweater Vest PM.

  2. A bit late for this. Still, I’m sure many of us would find some solace in knowing that we are right to feel that this decision is wrong.

  3. You know what, maybe I’m being a bit too harsh, I mean at least Mugabe seems to have gone through the motions of trying to work with opposition.

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