When it starts to fall apart, it really falls apart

Oh look at Stephen Harper, he’s such a great politician. A master of the House! A brilliant tactician! Look how he has instilled all kinds of party discipline! A new blue machine!

Umm, not so much.

By clamping down so hard on his party, I’m wondering if he’s made this misstep on his part far worse than it had to be for him. Everyone was stifled, everything was run from Langevin by a late-era Harrisite. You can put up with a lot of that sort of stuff when you’re winning and when the future looks bright, but now? Now it’s for what that a party with a sense of strong grass roots has become a cult of personality?

I asked this question a while ago but I’ll reiterate it: Reformers, ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?


One response to “When it starts to fall apart, it really falls apart

  1. It’s time for Harper to be overthrown by the opposition. If this does not happen, the Conservative Party will fall big time next year, and won’t recover anytime soon. There’s too much reform blood flowing in Harper’s veins these days, and in these though economic times, it’s not the right moment to alienate 62.4% of the electorate. I’m pretty sure many of the 37.6% are also against this. Does he want us to turn into the US, where you need gazillions of dollars to campaign? How undemocratic is this to cut the revenues of opposition parties, at a time where his own party is the only own with a very health financial situation.
    Sign the petition my friends:

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