Stability in Times Like These

This is the excuse that the Cons are offering up for why they need to cling to power. Yet how will they achieve this? They want to prorogue the parliament till the new year. Guess what, the coalition members are signed up for it until 2011 (or 2010 if you’re the Bloc). So they aren’t going anywhere. Well, if you prorogue for over a month the first thing that you can count on is a fear of instability. Who speaks for Canada? Will there be a new government? Instead of tidying this up in a week, it will drag on for a long time. Proroguing the parliament creates more instability than facing the music. If Harper cared about this country and stability, he’d fall on his sword next week.


2 responses to “Stability in Times Like These

  1. Agreed.
    If he had the best interests of the nation in mind. he would accept this and move on.
    Steve outsmarted himself this time.

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