In which Gerry makes the coalition sound scary

It’s been a while since I fisked something, so here we go with Gerry Nicholls reasons why the opposition shouldn’t do this:

The more I think about it, the more I think the Liberals would be making a dreadful error if they carried out their constitutional “coup.”

HAHAHA. We started with a contradiction. If it’s constitutional, how is it a coup?

I mean think about it.

Okay, Gerry, I will, because it appears that you didn’t

* Do they really want Stephane Dion to be the guy leading the government at this time of fiscal crisis?

Swell, an ad hominem attack. Do I really want Harper and Flaherty leading the government in this time of fiscal crisis. They already changed their position on deficits and now they are almost certainly lying to hide the fact that there will be one (oh sure, if the economy doesn’t worsen, no stimulus is needed, and magic fairies lead Jim to a pot of gold then maybe there will be a surplus). The reason we are in this mess is that Jim just showed us that he has no plan. His “update” was a joke. I heard it on the radio and I pictured him rolling his eyes and making the “jerk-off” motion with his hand at every pause in his speech.

* Do they really want to be part of a government where the NDP will be calling the shots on fiscal policy?

At least someone will be, you know, actually calling some shots instead of having a do-nothing economic update.

* Do they think Canadians will really warm to the idea of an unelected government usurping control of the country?

We never did, that’s why Fortier couldn’t win a seat in the House. All of the Liberal and NDP members were legally elected some six weeks ago. Canadians do not vote for a government, they vote for MPs. Take a civics class, Gerry.

* Do they really want to make some sort of deal with the separatists?

Because, you know, two things that Harper never did were to court nationalists in Quebec or count on Bloc votes in the House.

Maybe that’s why Prime Minister Harper delayed the non-confidence vote for a week. He wants to give the Liberals time to think this through.

Or because he just shat his pants and is desperately playing for time. Does anyone really believe that a hyper-partisan like Harper would have any interest in helping the opposition? The one thing I think that I confidently say about Steve is that he plays for keeps.


3 responses to “In which Gerry makes the coalition sound scary

  1. Its this kind of over the top demonization and hyperbole on the part of the Conservatives that lead me to think this whole thing could go sideways if not handled right.

    We are treading into new and dangerous political territory…

    And yes Gerry Nichols is a lying, ignorant asshat. That’s the problem.

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