Liberals, Conservatives, and “Freedom”

There have been many postmortems among conservatives trying to figure out why it is that the GOP had its ass handed to it on November 4th. One common thread that runs through a couple of them is the assertion that conservatives forgot that “freedom” is their core brand identity. To suggest that your own political disposition equals something as abstract and pleasant-sounding as freedom is of course, a nice bit of positioning.

What about the left and freedom? Are liberals and other assorted lefties somehow anti-freedom? No, and here I’ll give an example. Universal healthcare. Yes, that’s it. Having it frees me from worrying about losing everything I’ve worked for in order to cover the cost of an illness. If I suffer from some sort of catastrophic health problem or, more likely, acquire some sort of long-term condition that needs expensive, regular treatment, I might well have to declare bankruptcy if I lived in the US.

Now some might want to argue that this freedom is paid for in taxes and is therefore somehow not really freedom. To that I would say that the police are also paid for in taxes, and yet most people (except for some extreme libertarians) are probably okay with the police safeguarding our families and our possessions. Universal, government-funded healthcare guards the same things, only in a different manner.


One response to “Liberals, Conservatives, and “Freedom”

  1. Let’s hope that you do not have any Republican/Conservatives read your blog today or else they will bombard you with their constant rant about the ” Free Markets “, and that that is the only possible solution for this country, and how terrible it would be if all of a sudden the drug companies who supply us with all these wonderful drugs that we take for what ails us, were to have to face less competition, thus lower profit margins, thus less development for the next , latest , greatest drug that we will need for daily maintenance, and which will eventually trickle down to health care issues also.

    That’s the promise of the free markets system.


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